Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Please read the following Terms of Use carefully. Your access to the Website is conditional upon your acceptance of the Terms of Use.

1. Copyright

The copyright of all content that appears on the Website (information, trademarks, designs etc.) and other intellectual property belongs to the Company or its group companies. Without authorization, you may not reproduce, alter, publish, distribute, convert or display and use this content for a commercial purpose. Any of the Marks (trademarks, logos and service marks etc.) related to the Company that appear on the Website are proprietary to the Company and its group companies, and the unauthorized reproduction, alteration, publication, distribution, conversion or display and use of the Marks for a commercial purpose is prohibited unless permitted under The Trademarks Act or other legislation.

2. Disclaimer

Use of the Website is at your own risk. Under no circumstances will those involved in the creation and publication of the Website, including the Company, be liable for any trouble, loss or damage (including damage to your computer, other hardware or network, regardless of whether such damage is direct or indirect, and regardless of its cause) that arises from all actions resulting from decisions based on the information displayed on the Website (the "Information") or the costs of remediating such damage. Although great care has been taken to ensure that the Information is free from errors and omissions etc., the Information provided on the Website may include inaccuracies, typographical errors, or improper information caused by computer malfunction or the fraudulent manipulation of a third party. The Company will not be liable for the accuracy, completeness, relevance or fairness of the Information. Nor does it guarantee the accuracy, completeness, relevance or fairness of information contained in websites that are linked to the Website.
Website operation may be suspended or discontinued without notice, and the content is subject to change without notice. The Company will not be liable for any trouble, loss or damage arising from these things.

3. Maintenance of Systems

The provision of the Information on the Website may be temporarily suspended or cease without notice when content is updated, added, amended, deleted or partially revised or cancelled, or due to system maintenance, mechanical or line etc. faults or stoppages, or outages, natural disasters and other unavoidable situations. The Company will not be liable if your access to information is delayed, information is lost or destroyed or you suffer other damage due to the situations described above.

4. Governing Law and Court of Competent Jurisdiction

Interpretation and/or application of Website content, private information protection policies, terms of use, etc. shall be based on the laws of Japan.
The sole court of competent jurisdiction for all disputes related to the Website is the Tokyo District Court

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